Building Phases

Well, you have decided to build a home; now what?  That’s where we come in.  We take your ideas and start the design of your new home.  Designed and built around you and your family, with your needs in mind every step of the way.


Step 1:  Our first of many appointments.  Some families come to us with their home plans already drawn while others come with just a dream.  For the many of you that come with the latter, we will start from the very beginning.  Sometimes using one of our plans to “get you started” or using plans from books, the internet or even ones that you have drawn on a napkin over dinner.  From those ideas come your first draft of your plans.   This usually takes from 1 to 3 or 4 drawings and modifications to get you to the final working blueprints.

During these first appointments we discuss the specifics of your home, i.e. what type of appliances, lighting, flooring, cabinets, countertops, siding, roofing, etc.   From those discussions we explain the differences in materials that can be used, including price and quality.  After you have decided on the types of materials you want in your new home, along with the plans, Billy will draw the plans and get pricing.

Step 2:  After all specifics are agreed upon, including the final quote for your home we are at the contract stage.  We go through the contract with you step by step so that there will be no confusion what our responsibilites are and you will know exactly what to expect from Kit Corp.  Along with the contract you will receive a Specifications work list.  This includes all of the building materials listed for you and your bank (if appropriate) with the budget items and the allowances.   The contracts are signed and we are ready to start the building process.

OK, what are budgets and allowance items and what does that mean to you?  Let’s go to step 3…

Step 3:  Making selections.  This is where your budget and allowance items are selected.   While Billy is getting the appropriate permits to build your home there are several selections that you will be responsible for.  We will make the appointment with the plumbing, flooring, lighting suppliers to name a few for you.  You will have a budget to make your selections that is described in your contract/specifications allowance.   After your selections have been made the variouis suppliers will give quotes based on the selections you have made.  This means that you will know exactly where you stand on budget prior to the foundation going in!  You will have the opportunity to make changes to your selections if your are over your budget so that there are NO surprises when your home is complete.  Summed up, you will do all of the work in the early stages of the building process and then you just sit back and let Billy perform is magic!

Step 4:  OK, your plans have been selected, your contract/specifications have been signed, your budget items have been made, permits have been received, what next?  This is where it gets really exciting!  The stress is all Billy’s now 🙂    Footing is poured, foundation is built and the framing begins!  After the framing is complete we have a “rough-in”appointment day.  That’s where we schedule 3-5 hours with you at your new home and various the sub-contractors used to construct your home.   We start with the Cabinet contractor and move on to the plumber, HVAC and electrical contractor.   We like to take this very important time to go through your home and answer any questions that you may have about the framing, etc.  and even decide where you would like your light switches.

Step 5:  Completion of your home!  After all construction is completed and cleaned we meet you again for a “walk-through”.  This is the time that you are educated on how to care for your home, inside and out.  We also take this time to go over the workmanship of each sub-contractor.  A punch list is developed and any items will be corrected prior to moving in.

Step 6:  Move in day!  But don’t think that Kit Corp stops here.  We have built a relationship over the past several months and a relationship we value and one we would like to keep for a lifetime.

Depending on the individual customer, these steps may vary and are tailored to meet your every need.   Let’s Get Building!